The Roomie Diaries

The Roomie Diaries is something I created on Twitter to describe the relationship my roommate and I have.(Jack Dorsey, look at me!) She’s Trinidadian and Irish (those mixed girls doe), she’s a proud Muslim. She took a chance on a little Pakistani Muslim American girl, after reading a persuasive email that I sent her on Craigslist. (Thank you Craig Newmark for making such a convenient platform for everyone). The one time being in the 1% of the world has ever been beneficial to me. Isn’t it interesting how people are always afraid of the 1%? Am I talking about Islam or Wall Street? In the United States, Muslims make up 1% of the population, how could we all be bad people? I am not sure why there would be still be millions of Hindus, Christians, and Jews in this world? How are all of you still here? This “World War III” mentality lunatics are bringing on is due to the fact that, Islam has never had it’s Crusade period like the Christians.  In the eyes of good adherents, we believe our religion is perfect the way it is. The Quran is not something that needs to constantly be revised because it’s the final Revelation to Mankind. If, it’s the final version of something, there wouldn’t be edits or revisions. In Islam, Jesus may not be seen as the son of god, but he is a Prophet. Abraham is a Prophet too. People easily look for the differences rather than the similarities in religions. Too many people in this world have a black & white mindset. Not everything in this world is black and white, I am a prime example that it is not. I am brown. In Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are derivatives of each other. And I am not talking about finance when I say that.

Any who, when I look for housing, I typically look for it at least 4-5 months in advance to maximize my odds in getting everything I want. And I almost always do. While most people in this world search for housing and go through 40 listings, I go through 140 listings. I want to make that publicly known because there are a few people in this world who come over and disrespect me in my own house. If you don’t like the wide variety of food I provide you, the location of my apartment, the fact that I make people take off their shoes before entering my house, you decide to act like a drunk idiot, or disrespect my roommate, then you absolutely do not need to stop by. You’re not doing me any favors, you’re honestly just wasting my time. I don’t need to welcome anyone like that into my home. You probably have your own home and that’s exactly where you should stay. No one pays my rent for me, I pay it myself. Everything I have in life was

Anyways, I’m so grateful to have found a home that has free parking for my friends when they visit, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a roof over my head, and a clean floor to walk on. As, I always do I negotiated the lease with her and we agreed on our living situation. I luckily found my best friend, big sister, and another mother on Craigslist. She always says she’s a bad influence, but she’s really not. She’s taught me to love myself, be confident, and comfortable with who I am.