Law School

Everyone and there mother knows that, I have always wanted to be a lawyer. Literally, all of my best friend’s mothers, fathers, sisters, and uncles. My professors, best friends, and even random strangers I meet on airplanes, buses, boats, and walking on the street. I’ve waited my entire life for this moment, I could have graduated two years early, I could have gone straight out of college, but I didn’t do any of those things. I am glad, I waited though, the real world has taught me how to think and just learn from every single experience. Learn from every human being I interact with and always ask questions. Those who have never had a real job or worked while he or she was in school, will always have a tougher time in the real world. That’s a fact. If someone has always been told he or she was a “child prodigy” or “gifted”, then there is a higher chance that child will struggle with making friends on the playground, in a classroom, and in the real world. If you live your life acting like you are better than everyone else you meet, you probably won’t end up with a many friends, good job options, . Most people will probably run for the hills and it’s because you have a big ego. (Run Forest, Run!) Stop being an egotistical narcissist and maybe, you’ll make some friends.