In all honesty, college was just the most amazing experience. The state school I chose was actually my safety school, I was supposed to go to one of the Seven Sister schools. I put down my deposit for a private school and two weeks before the deadline I enrolled in another school. I am glad my Dad was there to save me from $200,000 in debt. I wish I could share him with the world. I am blessed to have gone to college with two of my best friends (N & E) from high school. I’ve always had two extra sisters in life, one who was Jewish and one who was Christian. In high school, we we’re never the most popular girls in school, we were always well-liked and never cared what everyone else was doing. We always volunteered together and engaged in extracurricular activities to prep for college, but I mostly did it to get out of the house and build a social life for myself. The three of us naturally have a unique fashion sense and wear whatever we like. I only say that because most people like the way my friends dress. I don’t know how I found such ambitious, beautiful, and smart friends. You really are the people you surround yourself with.We always borrow everything from each other from our closets to our homes, to our parents to our siblings. Everything that is mine is theirs and everything that is theirs is mine. We are so close, you would think we could read each others minds. I wish everyone could have their own N&E in life. We’ve built such an empire for ourselves, we have friends from the East to the West of this country, and other countries. It still amazes me.

Anywho, high school was such an interesting stage in life, everyone always hates on my hometown saying it’s this and that. Well, I don’t know about you , but everyone I associate with is/was hard-working, intelligent, and overall good people. All the people who grew up in less fortunate circumstances, continued to find new ways to make money. All of those who were more privileged had parents who advised them to get jobs early on. I never wanted to get a real job, but my siblings wanted me to and I worked at Dunkin Donuts. It was the best time of my life, I made so many friends, and two of my best friends worked along side me and we still text each other every week. My siblings have always been hard on me, because their lives have and always will be harder than mine. In the age of technology, with services like LinkedIn, Craigslist,, and any other digital platform, I was bound to be more successful than both of them.

Looking back on it now, I am pretty sure my siblings have always put a detour in my life to make me work harder for everything. The two might as well be those annoying construction signs you see when you are trying to get to work, you’re running twenty minutes late, and have no patience left in you.I would literally walk up the hill everyday, even though my siblings and parents had cars. My sisters were like, “She has legs, she can walk.” I wore red Jessica Simpson cowgirl boots as I walked up the hill everyday. (J.Simpson, can you bring those back? Apparently, you don’t sell them anymore?)  If you wonder why my legs are so thin, it’s partially genetic and partially from walking everywhere. I literally sound like one of those Bill Cosby show episodes or elderly people who say things like ” In my day, I walked five miles to get to school/work.” Legitimately, the story of my life.  I am grateful to have sisters though, I would probably have ended up being a more selfish and spoiled brat without them. They were my first friends in life and I honestly think that is why I am a more social being than others. Everyone has such a polarity in their perspective, like the idea that someone is either an introvert or an extrovert? I think human beings are a mix of the two, it just depends on who you are with. I am extroverted in public, and sometimes I am not. I am introverted when I am around people I do not like or care for. Or it could be because I am exhausted and just want to sit in silence.

My sister in the sunshine state is the reason I left high school one year earlier than everyone else. I graduated high school with 28 college credits, AP classes, and I have always been in the top 10% of the class. You would think, I was on the fast track in life, but little did I know, that was far from the truth.

Freshman year my friends and I decided to split up. I have always been the person in my friend group who is a little more independent, so I ended matching with a random roommate from Colorado. She’s one of the most wonderful human beings who has ever walked into my life. As all roommates do, we had our moments where we fought about dumb things, wouldn’t talk to each other, and strongly disliked each other at times. But that is all in the past and has honestly just made our friendship that much stronger. She almost transferred freshman year, but I wouldn’t let her and I am so glad she didn’t because we rekindled our flame every year of college. Freshman year we befriended almost everyone on our floor, we had so many fun dorm parties. I’m not sure how we constantly had 25-30 people in our dorm room on the weekends, but it was the best. I got written up even when I wasn’t in the room. She’s currently being the brilliant girl I’ve always known and loved. She’s getting her Ph.D and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I hope I get to see her again sometime soon.We had another friend in college who lived on the other side of the hallway, she’s a real life Jewish American princess, minus the tiara and add a little show tunes. She’s a hardcore New Yorker who thinks New York is the greatest city in the entire world. It is one of the greatest cities and honestly, I can understand why people don’t want to leave it. It’s too busy of a city for me though. Too much trash, too many people, and too many options. It sounds exhausting, it’s like walking to Forever 21 and you see every pattern, every color, every section of the store. I would just run in the opposite direction honestly. She may live in the next state over, but if she ever comes to Boston, we try to see each other and catch up on life. It doesn’t matter if she’s near or far, because we always find a way to see each other. I am still close with most of the people I met my freshman year, all my “girlfriends” from college freshman year are still people I hang out with on a regular basis. If we don’t see each other in person, we talk on the phone or text. They’re all my soulmates and I wouldn’t trade them for any other team. Technology really have changed our lives, sometimes for the better and other times for the worst. It was one of my favorite years because I was taking sophomore level classes in hopes of graduating early, but I ended graduating a semester late. (Stay tuned, you’ll find out why). I had a 4.0 and I was so proud of myself, but life completely changed sophomore year.

Sophomore year of college was a messy experience to say the least. I had the best housing on campus, and tried to help one of my closest friends from freshman year. But, I ended up ruining my own housing situation and I was put in a corner room in a tower. I ended up meeting my first Pakistani- Muslim friend outside of high school. She was my roommate/sister/closest friend, she was my home away from home. We grew together, we went to house parties, ate every meal, and just made the most of life every day. She ended up transferring and starting over in another school, but we always keep in touch. She’s an architect now and is getting married soon. I’m so proud of who she is and so is her entire family. Everyone from the heavens above is looking down on you and smiling. I love you so much M, you’re amazing!

Anyways, one of the hardest things about this year was having someone else influence what I should do with my life. I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer. It just feels like something I was meant to do with my life. I can feel it in every fiber of my body, in my blood, mind, body, and soul. I was just meant to do this. Honestly, I love lawsuits. It’s a guilty pleasure just talking about it. LOL who even says that? I do! I love helping people meditate/ negotiate/arbitrate for themselves. My sister was influencing my decisions on changing my major to computer science. I took a computer science class, I enjoyed it, but at the time it felt like I was learning how to read hieroglyphics blind. It felt like someone blindfolded me, asked me to walk on the ledge of a building, and the only way I could survive was by listening to their voice. I just couldn’t follow direction and almost feel off that building. The professor who taught this course was just too brilliant and couldn’t understand why my brain didn’t function in a binary, 1-2, buckle my shoe, algorithmic manner. I’ve learned that, those who have more creative minds have difficulty with binary subjects. Do you know why?

If your child doesn’t do well in the STEM subjects, it’s not because he/she is unintelligent. It’s because he/she may just need a little more practice understanding a binary system (not everything in this world is black & white). There is alot of gray area. I naturally just think outside the box. I’ve always had such a vibrant imagination, my siblings and I would jump on our parents couches and pretend the carpet was lava. Or I would put all my stuffed animals on the couch and pretend I was a bus driver. We would spend every summer in the library signing up for the reading competitions and play video games like “Duck Hunt” and  “Tomb Raider”. I traveled across the United States to see my cousins in other states. My siblings and I had the best childhood.

Back to my second year of college,  math has always been a little harder for me, I have no problem with doing accounting, finance, or economics. I actually enjoy all those subjects and I can easily teach myself just about anything now. Anyways, sophomore year was my least favorite year because for the first time in my life I kicked off my high GPA throne. I was taking seven classes, trying to maintain a social life, going home every other weekend to see my family. I was picking up/dropping my Dad to the airport, taking my Mom/brother to appointments, grocery shopping/going to the pharmacy. I’ve just always had about a million things to do on my to do lists. And, I am honestly not complaining about any of this, it was just overwhelming.

I tried to get into the business school about three or four times, and looking back on it now I am glad I didn’t get accepted. At the time, it was frustrating and I emailed all the advisors/spoke with the administration about it for semesters. It felt like I had all the keys to the house, but someone kept changing the locks. Everyday time I tried to find another door, someone would hold the door down, so I couldn’t get in. And I didn’t. My 4.0 dropped to something a little less than a 3.5, and so they didn’t want to accept someone into a rising business school. I was also kicked out of the honor’s college. I would have lowered their “ranking” or statistics. I guess, I am just another number in this world. I even tried retaking all the classes I got B’s in that semester for no credits. I retook them and got A’s, but still no luck. It’s okay, because all the law school admissions councils will see what I did and will read this explanation. I took a bunch of summer classes online because I wasn’t in the major. My parents and I spent an extra $15,000 for classes to get into a school that wouldn’t let me in. I ended up taking all those classes and creating my own major. I absolutely wasn’t going to graduate have nothing to show for all those business classes.

By first semester junior year, I had already finished my Pre-Law Legal studies major, and could have graduated two years early, but I wasn’t ready for the real world just yet. Junior year, I lived with four of my best friends in the “newest, most luxurious” real estate on campus in the North End. Living with your best friends in college is unlike any other experience in life. You literally do everything with them study, eat, sleep, cry, and laugh about every single. We used to pull so many pranks on each other. N&E shared a bathroom, while J & I shared one. They would actually take brownies from the dining hall and put them in our toilet to embarrass us when our guy friends came over. (Didn’t work then ladies, and it’s not gonna work now!) We would dance on our furniture to Kesha’s “Timber”, when there was an earthquake/snow storm/natural disaster, celebrating the fact that classes were cancelled. It was actually going down, we were “Yelling Timber”, and we were moving & dancing. We would spend Monday nights watching “The Bachelor”, countless hours in the library almost everyday, and on the weekends we would celebrate every “A”/interns.