P- is for Phil because she’s my “Philly” (will all the Filipinos please stand up?), she’s a first generation immigrant child raised by a Christian family. Long black hair, big brown eyes, a button nose, and the most beautiful smile. One day, in seventh grade, I asked her ” Why she was so quiet?” and the rest is history.  Now, she’s one of the most outgoing girls you’ll ever meet. We’ve seen each other in every stage in life and now I couldn’t even imagine my life without her. In high school, our predictions were that P,S, and I would buy houses next to each other and you better believe we will! There’s something magical about growing up with one of your closest friends through all stages of life. In high school we surrounded ourselves with other people like us. People who didn’t care about drinking and doing drugs. Unless you walked out of the womb with a blunt and a Bud light, you don’t “need” to do those things. There isn’t a single person in this world that “needs” to drink alcohol or do drugs. It’s something people do to cope with their problems or celebrate life. I personally do not understand why people do cocaine and heroine to relieve stress, but I also do not know what that individual is going through in his/her life. Life is hard, many Wall Streeters do cocaine because it’s the “rich white man drug.” I sincerely feel bad for all those who become addicted to narcotics, but I don’t pity them. Drug lords and selling drugs is a means of survival for some people in this world, but that doesn’t mean I support that lifestyle. Who in this world doesn’t know that meth, krokodil, and heroine could kill you? Someone please name one person? I am proud to say one of my closest friend’s in this world is a pharmacist and regulates how drugs are distributed in this country. She recently graduated from school and is finally making her mark on the world. All of my friends, family members, and I are incredibly proud of her because we’ve seen her grow up. And she’s killing it in! Even though, I didn’t have the chance to follow her in pharmacy, she made friends with three of the most selfless, kind-hearted, and vivacious girls you would ever meet. One of them might as well be the Queen of Egypt, she’s wise and just an overall good person. I only go the chance to meet her #KneeCOLE

G- is for George, a real life angel that brings joy to every human being she meets. Blue eyes, dark brown curly hair, and a perfect runner’s body. She’s a real life Zooey Deschanel, she has this magical way of always making me smile. She is just brilliant, hard working, and loyal.  Even though she was raised in a conservative Christian household, our religions coincide in almost every way. We met in high school, but rekindled our flame sophomore year of college. She walked into our corner room on the 24th floor of a tower and truly brought “Joy” back into my life. We are so ridiculous when we are with each other, ” I just can’t even sometimes.” We’ve actually made scenes in Shack Shake over who is paying for what.  She will be starting a Master’s in Public Health in the fall and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in life.

A- is for “Alannnnn” (sometimes Ellen?), she is the mother of our friend group. Short brown hair, big blue eyes ( it feels like you walked into a swimming pool when you look at her) with porcelain skin. She is Jewish and I am a Muslim, I am grateful to live in a country where we can look paHonestly, she’s is one of the most extraordinary beings that has walked into my life. I still remember the first time I saw her in high school, I thought she should be on America’s Next Top Model. We have fun doing just about anything, we just stay up all night and talk about life. Honestly, those are my favorite memories with most people in my life. She sees all the things I never notice about myself, she’s always said that, I would be a creative director or create the next social media platform. And I finally see a little bit of what she sees in me and it’s the best feeling.