About Me

People in my life always say, I am the “prettiest,smartest, sweetiest…”est” person they know. I am flattered by those compliments, but I don’t spend more than a second thinking about it. I don’t live my life to be those things. I don’t get any satisfaction out of other people envying my life, I have and always will welcome good people into my life. I don’t care what my friends or family members say and they all know it. Because throughout every stage in life, I’ve always invited someone new along for the ride. I’ve never cared about being #1, “the best”. I’ve honestly never had time to focus on getting to top spot because I’ve had always had to do about a thousand other things. Maybe that will be my goal when I go off to law school, it’s not something I strive to accomplish though. I would be more impressed with myself to know that I was able to do it. At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, I just want to be remembered as being my own person. I am just Sarish.

I am hard to please, I am not easily satisfied with anyone or anything. It has nothing to do with perfection, and everything to do with respect, perspective, and maturity. I am a selfish person, there aren’t enough likes, comments, and shares in the world for me. I have nothing against women on social media who become “IG models”/ hit sensations. That is exactly how you build your brand. I just don’t understand how people are easily satisfied with a ratio like 500k followers, 4000 likes, and bikini contract. If seeking validation from the internet and social media is what makes you happy & feel beautiful, then you absolutely should do it! Being a girl is hard. I am a firm believer in having every girl in this world loving herself. A woman shouldn’t have to be modest to be respected in this world, but misogyny says otherwise. If you want to know runs with world, then you should ask Beyonce. BECAUSE IT’S GIRLS!

There isn’t a single man of in this world that I can think of that god here without one. Unless you woke up in a tree one day? Or magically created your own womb. There are many individuals in this world that engage in premarital sex, but most people don’t understand how a child is created, so I will explain. I am not a doctor, I did not go to medical school, but I can tell you a little someone called “in vitro”. The Vitruvian Man, the painting created by Leonardo Da Vinci depicts a man in two superimposed positions with his arms and legs apart, . Men and women are all built from the same genetic blueprint. The first several weeks in the womb, male and female.

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