Carpe Diem! Advice on Life and Love for My Younger Self

Hey Everyone,
Today, I wanted to introduce to you Samara Kamenecka a freelance writer from New York, living in Madrid. When she’s not chained to her desk working, she likes to explore the city with her boyfriend, their kids and their dog. You can find her sharing her parenting adventures over at You should all take a moment out of your day to admire her work. I hope you all enjoy today’s guest post and remember to leave your comments below!

As a mom, with two kids, I have lived a lot of life already, and not all of it has been pretty. Like everyone, I have lived, loved, and lost, all while learning a lot along the way. If I could build a time machine, there are many things I would go back and tell my younger self, but these are a few of the most important.

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  1. Love Yourself First

It seems cliché to say that you need to love yourself before you can love someone else but it’s actually a universal truth. Too many people rush into love before finding themselves because society tells them they have to find someone, fall in love, have babies, and live happily ever after. Once you know who you are—and more importantly love who you are—you can present the true you for lovers and friends alike to get to know.

  1. The Money Will Always Be There; The Memories Won’t.

Of course, things like food and rent are more important than going on a vacation, but if you are always giving other things priority over experiences, you will miss out on life! I spent so much of my time worrying about making money, until I realized money doesn’t do anything to technically enrich my life. Work when you have to, don’t think about it when you don’t, and have experiences whenever you can, and you will ultimately be happier.

  1. Find a Partner Who Loves You, Not One Who Flatters You

Dating is hard and not every person has your best interests in mind. Date someone that cooks for you, not one who flatters you. Boyfriend/girlfriend material is not someone who tells you you’re hot, it’s a person who listens to how your day went, who tells you how stunning you look, and it’s someone who stays by your side even when things get ugly.

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  1. Take Care of Your Body

You only have one, and it may seem invincible in your twenties, but that does not last, unfortunately. Wear sunscreen, eat a lot of vegetables, get plenty of sleep, and make exercise a part of your weekly routine. Taking care of your body will save you a lot of stress later in life; it also makes you look and feel better, which have their own benefits.

  1. Parenting is an adventure

There is no user manual for babies. You can be as prepared as possible, and things will go catastrophically wrong some days. There are so many things that you told yourself that you would and wouldn’t do when you had kids of your own. I hate to tell you, but you were wrong about almost all of it. Parenting is an adventure and, with any luck, you’ll do it with a great and supportive partner by your side.

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  1. Everything Will Be Ok

If there is one thing that I could go back and tell my younger self, it is that everything will be ok. You will experience a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow. Sometimes it will seem like nothing can go wrong and then life will come along and knock you to your knees. Believe me when I tell you that everything is going to be ok. Whatever challenges you are facing, whatever stress has you down, it will pass, and things will get better. Don’t worry so much because there is a plan for you and it will see itself through.

It is an age-old paradox that you wouldn’t want to change the things that have happened to you in life because it would change who you are now, but I think giving your younger self a little advice wouldn’t hurt anything.

It’s fun to look back and think about how much our experiences have shaped who we are and how wise we’ve become. I think the best part is that even though you can’t go back and share these things with your younger self, you can share them with your kids, which is the next best thing.