GeorgeTown Cupcake Birthday Treats!

Have you guys missed me? I’ve missed you! I’ve been so tied up with work/real life that I haven’t had time for the Internet as much lately.


When your Algerian sister gets you Georgetown cupcakes and tickets to Beyonce? Who’s the real Queen B though, am I right? I feel spoiled and these cupcakes are too beautiful to eat. I’m beyond blessed to have such incredible people in my world. Birthdays are more than just gifts and cake. It’s a time to reflect on how I am slowly depreciating and getting old far too quickly. I’m only kidding. Your mid-twenties are the stage in your life where you are figuring yourself out and what you want to do next because the possibilities are endless. Although my actual birthday was a couple weeks ago, everyone knows I like to celebrate for the entire month. It’s truly not as narcissistic as it seems. We should just celebrate life as often as we can because we aren’t here from a long time. Just a good time. I’ve realized I have more than I need and for that I’m grateful. I hope everyone is living their best life because this has been the best year of mine thus far. Question of the day: What does living a good life mean to you? Would you say you are living it to the fullest? You know I love hearing from you. Leave your comments below!


Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️