Boston Strong!

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon! It’s such a fun event and the entire city gets  bumped up about it. On a crowded Red Line train on Saturday, half of the people on it were on the way to a Red Sox game, while the other half talked about their excitement for the race. You can find a sense of camaraderie wherever you go here. It’s such a strong, beautiful, and clean place.  I love it. It’s home now and I can’t imagine leaving it just yet. Unfortunately, my best friend and I decided not to watch the race because of the rain. I hope we go next year though. Also, congratulations to Desiree Linden, she’s the first U.S. women to win the marathon in the last 33 years! We eat good food, have good sports teams, and amazing schools.What could be better?  Don’t fret if you have to wait in line in the nearest Dunkin Donuts. Oh and I saw Big Papi in Yvonne’s the other night! Question of the day: Name one of your favorite cities and something fun to do there!

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️