Library Dates With Mom

It is a hassle to convince her to leave my brother, she’s such a selfless and dedicated mother. He went on a day trip for school this weekend, so she didn’t mind leaving the house. My mom is such a sweet pea. Sometimes, I wish I could have known her before she became ill. Did you know that the “schizo” in “schizophrenia” refers to the split in someone’s ability to think and express emotions? Many falsely assume that it means you have a multiple personality disorder. It is not a dissociative identity disorder though.

How cute is my muffin of a mother next to this iconic/slightly creepy statue in our local library?

The notion that all of those who have it are dangerous contributes to the negative stigma surrounding the mental illness. The media and film industry do not make it much better. It may be true that all criminals have a mental illness, however that is not the same as saying all mentally ill people are criminals. Sadly, people who suffer from this illness are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence. Say “Mashallah” I got her to leave the house for something aside from a doctor’s appointment. Question of the day: What’s one thing you love/loved about your Mom?

  Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️


Photo by Sanwal Deen on Unsplash