5 Ways To Stop Worrying What Others Think

Do you ever notice how frigid, lifeless, and sad some people are? How often others complain about the pity things? Honestly, we all complain, but I’ve realized that there are some people in the world that would dream of having my worst days. Or do you ever have moments where you worry about what others think of you? It happens to the best of us. Everything is temporary, you can move on, and be happy. You just need to learn how to boost your self-esteem. Never give anyone the satisfaction of seeing you fail. Behind every failure is a learning experience. Learn to grow from criticism and compliments. I want you to wake up every day feeling as good as I do.  Remember, you won’t have your own life if you are constantly worrying about what others think. So here are a few tips from yours truly.

  • Decide what is important to you- Is how others perceive you a high priority on your list? So, what if people think badly of you? Are you going to change their opinions? You do not need to please everyone. People will criticize you whether you are doing well or not. Learn to love and accept yourself for who you are.
  • Be grateful- Sadly, even your worst nightmares are someone else’s reality. You are blessed with family and friends that care about you. So, you are better off than many people in the world.
  • Desensitize yourself- Honestly, what is the worst thing that could happen? Image the worst case scenarios. For instance, you embarrass yourself, you get fired, or someone deletes you off a social media? Will you be able to survive another day? Can you get another job? I promise you, you will not only survive, but you will get over embarrassment and shame.
  • Be careful of who you ask advice from- Why would you ever ask an unsuccessful, unhappy, and negative person for advice? Ask advice from those that you trust and  have your best interest at heart. Remember to ask appropriate questions! Rather than asking, “What do you think?” Say something like “How do you think I can make this better?”
  • Don’t let the negative remarks bother you- Why do we let the negative consume our minds rather than the positive things? You can get one negative comment or review from someone and you let it get to you. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why does it take seven or eight positive comments to make up for one negative one? You grow with criticism. Honestly, if you want to avoid criticism at all cost then do nothing with your life. I’m only kidding, I hope you do great things with your life. If you have a good thing going, then the best thing you can do is keep it to yourself.

Question of the day: Do you ever catch yourself overthinking, making up scenarios in your head, or caring about what others think of you? What tips and tricks do you have for other readers? You know I always love hearing from you. Leave your comments below!

                      Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️



P.S. I’m going to try to start vlogging again soon. I’m currently thinking of ideas 🙂

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash