Be Happy It Drives People Crazy

Do you ever wish you could have a typical cookie-cutter lifestyle? Although I preach about being your own person, I have my moments where I wish I was like everyone else. I wish I could be a typical 25-year-old girl who only worried about herself. Or one of those pretty girl bloggers who writes about traveling, fashion, and beauty tips because I love those things too. And I am sure it is easier to get contracts, brand recognition, and likes on a Facebook page with that image. Sadly, those things matter in the blogging/real world. Yet, I’ve realized that wishing for less problems, wishing to be like everyone else, or wishing for less challenges wouldn’t change anything. Sometimes, you have to stop wishing and start doing.

Instead you should strive to be better, feel good about yourself, and gain more wisdom. You can overcome anything that is meant to destroy you. You just can’t let the idiots of the world ruin your day. People who bully others are sad, insecure, and unsatisfied human beings. Don’t let them get you down. Others will always talk about you, so give them something  worth talking about. Remember people can try to steal your confidence, but no one can ever steal your ambition. Now, I’m made of self-love, ambitions, and affirmations. Remember to be happy for yourself once and a while. No one can break you without your permission. Question of the day: Would your 12-year-old self be proud of you if he/she met you today? Leave your comments below!

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️

Photo by Fab Lentz on Unsplash