Everyday Inspiration Day 6; The Space You Write

I write in the comfort of my own room, on the train, or in my dining room. I like to listen to Chopin or Ludovico Einaudi for inspiration. From what I have noticed, writers seem to be observers of the world. Sometimes, it is easier to write than speak. The only person who needs to listen to you is paper or the digital outlet you choose.

Yesterday, I found a new space to write in the local Panera Bread while my inspiration sat in front of me. It was a milestone of a day for my Mom. I wanted to take her somewhere classier, but she can be a little fussy. She doesn’t like being far away from my brother, so I picked something close to home. She was actually excited and said, “Sarish, I’m ready let’s go!” She ordered a croissant and a coffee, while I ordered a tea and a cherry danish. I took this terrible photograph, you get the point. Definitely, not worthy of the Insta.


She was so cute. She said, “Sarish let me take a picture of you.” She grabbed my camera and this was the end result. Honestly, it’s not the worst photo I have ever seen of myself. It’s the effort that counts, right? She was calm, collected, and cheerful the entire time. Like all human beings, she loves attention and gets excited when people talk to her. I ended up convincing her to take some videos with me for my Youtube channel. I can’t wait to show you guys. I am a bit of a perfectionist, so I want my first introductory video to be presentable and I will add the bloopers for fun too.


My parents are both old and sick, so I love spending as much time as I can with them. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I just picked up and left them. Honestly, I wish everyone was as close with their parents as I am with mine.Β  You should appreciate them because you never know what sacrifices they went through for you.

Wherever you are in the world I hope you are happy, healthy, and safe! <3