5 Foolproof Ways To Gain Confidence and Stay Confident.

In todays’ world of meticulously constructed lives, showing ultimate glamour and perfection, it’s hard to resist that never-ending vortex of comparison. Inevitably, our confidence takes a hit. Here are five infallible ways to keep your confidence intact.

1. Exercise – a small word with mountains of benefit, exercise gives us both physical and mental advantages. One of the obvious rewards of exercising is weight control. It is not a revolutionary idea to suggest that when we look our best, we feel our best. When we feel we are actively working on our outward appearance and therefore able to put our best selves forward, we are naturally confident. Exercise also provides the opportunity to set small, attainable goals at regular intervals. Achieving goals is an absolute confidence booster.

2. Think Positive – you have permission to kill negative thoughts! Sometimes our inner voices are our most toxic relationship. When we give ourselves the consent to banish that mean voice in our head, that space is immediately open for renovations of positive self-talk. Some people like to fill that space with morning mantras, or daily self-compliments. Give yourself permission to acknowledge your good attributes. Our inner voice becomes who we are.

3. Change One Small Habit – emphasis on small. Don’t try and tackle major problems just yet. Pick one small thing: going to bed 15 minutes earlier. Eating five carrots daily. The world is your oyster when you decide you will change one small thing for the better. Those trivial things eventually add up to substantial change and there is major confidence to be gleaned from that!

4. Smile – have you noticed that when you smile at somebody else, nine times out of ten, they will smile back? Sure, they might be wondering what is wrong with them that is making you smile (more confidence issues) but most likely, they appreciate the smile and it is human nature to reciprocate. What an effortless way to brighten your persona and spread light while you’re at it.

5. Invest – no, not money. Invest time into yourself. Be prepared for the things that are required of you each day. If you are a student, study! If you are in business, know the market! If you’re a mom, make a schedule! Its hard to feel or exude confidence when you are unprepared and flying by the proverbial “seat of your pants.” Confidence will come easier if you know you will be successful because you’ve invested the time into preparing yourself.

Katie writes from the heart as a modern-day nomad. When she is not working on her life coach certification, she’s probably outside running really slow. You can read more on her blog Pearls&Grit or follow on Facebook PearlsandGritBlog.

*This article is from my personal point of view and experiences. It is not supported by scientific research or data.