Be Present, All We Have Is Now

As we grow older, sometimes we forget that our parents are growing older too, so tell them how much you love them everyday. You never know when you will see or speak to them for the last time. I spoke to my Mom this morning and she was telling how happy she felt today. She said, “Sarish, sadness is never a good thing. I just want my daughters to be happy. ” On Valentine’s Day, she called me her “Valentiny.” What a sweetheart?

I definitely inherited my kind, generous, and sympathetic side from her. There’s a light alive in her heart again. I can feel it. I’ve always wanted to do something good for the world, so the fact that my writing resonates with others make this entire experience worthwhile. When you finally feel peace in your mind, peace exists in the world too. Live everyday breathing your dreams like it’s air. Remember to be kind, it never goes out of style. And you never know what hardships someone else is overcoming at this point in their life.

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️