You Only Get One Life So Choose Happiness

In moments of sadness, due to recent events in the news, the loss of a loved one, or simply a bad day, you have to remind yourself to stay happy. Sadly, the world has always been a dangerous place. You will experience loss, grief, and sadness. You have to remind yourself of all the good rather than the bad. No one gets out of here alive, so make your life worthwhile.The secret to being happy is accepting where you are at this stage in life and making the most of everyday. The saddest, hardest, and worst days will teach you strength. The days you don’t remember probably are better off being forgotten. And I hope the happiest, most enjoyable, and memorable days play on infinite replay. Happiness isn’t a destination it’s a journey. What is one of the happiest days of your life? Why?

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️