When Will School Shootings End?

My heart goes out to the South Florida high school shooting victims and their families. Moments like these are hard to bare and make me question whether I want to have children. Why does this keep happening? When will the madness stop? I wish my desire to have it end was enough. I am a firm believer that we have an obligation to be more ethical than the world we grow up in. If it were possible, I wish I could stop every disgusting criminal from doing terrible things. Safety is what matters most to me. I’m beyond grateful for the police officers that put their life on the line for others everyday. You guys don’t get enough credit. I hope the appropriate policies/actions are taken to prevent this from happening again. Sadly, this has been an ongoing issue in the United States. I will always be more of a lover than a fighter. Everyone stay safe.

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️