Grow Through What You Go Through

If life truly is simple than why do we insist on making it complicated? I have this theory that, many human beings have two or even three separate lives. You have your public life, a secret life, and a private life. Your public life is the persona you use when you are at work or in school. It is your professional, approachable, and respectable demeanor.

Your private life is the person you are outside of those two places. So, this side of yourself is how you act in front of your family. You never get to choose your blood relations, but you still love them anyways. And your secret life is the person you are when you are with people you are most comfortable with and share all the things you bottle up. It’s the person you want to be in front of everyone you know, but you fear judgment, so only a select number of people see that side of you.

Furthermore, when you grow up foreign you kind of live a double life. How you act in front of your parents/family is usually completely different than how you are with your close friends. For instance, I will go to the Mosque to pray, study hard, cook/clean, and take care of my family.  And then, I will go out with my friends to bars, go to parties, and just love life. I was just tired of being two people.

My Internet persona is not as friendly, inviting, or as caring as I am in real life. When you share any part of yourself on the Internet, you are opening up yourself to criticism, scrutiny, and judgment. So, in order to defend myself I have to come off as a blunt, rude, and mean. Before anyone judges me, one should determine whether or not one is perfect first. Mohadesa Najumi once said that,” the woman who does not need validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet.” And I couldn’t agree more, could you?

Wherever you are in the world stay happy, healthy, and safe! ❤️