15 Time Management Tips

1)Implement an empowering morning routine

2)Eat breakfast without checking your phone

3)Focus on listening instead of always speaking

4)Plan out your work day and check off the tasks you accomplish

5)Detox from technology one day a week

6) Check your phone or emails at designated times of the day

7) Eliminate interruptions by turning off notifications and ringers

8) Declutter your desk, inbox, task list, and life

9) Finish one task at a time before you start the next one

10) There are no shortcuts or loopholes to getting organized, so invest in a planner

11) Set time constraints to help keep yourself focused

12) Plan out your meals, snacks, and exercise routine

13) Eliminate anything out of your day that wastes your time

14) Towards the end of the night, slow down your evening with a night ritual

15) Recharge for at least seven hours each night