The Pen Is The Tongue Of The Mind

Forlorn adjective


1.pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely.

Recently, a forlorn reader reached out to me and sent me one of the kindest emails. She stated how she was such a fan of my writing and how she wishes to be like me someday. The educational system in country is incredibly competitive and she’s struggling with depression and high levels of stress. In her email, she said I know it is a weird thing to ask but would you mind mailing me a pen?

Photo by Clark Young on Unsplash

A pen is something she can use daily for her studies and when she feels down/depressed and wants to give up, seeing my pen is like telling her to press on. She even asked me to mail her one of my old accessories she could wear daily, so she wouldn’t feel lonely anymore. How sweet? I can’t even imagine that someone would send that out with ill intentions. I never thought my writing would touch people in such a meaningful way. It’s a pleasant surprise to say the least. I feel honored that people even feel comfortable reaching out to me and telling me their problems.

I wouldn’t normally mail something to a reader. I am not comfortable sharing my address with random people for safety/privacy reasons. So, I am dedicating this prompt to my mysterious pen-seeker.  You are admirable, and I know you are going to do well in school this semester.  I hope the pen I mail you inspires you. Maybe, I should start selling my own pens? Kidding. Have any of your readers reached out to you in this way? If so, share your story, stuff like this always warms my heart.