Your Calm Mind Is The Ultimate Weapon Against Your Challenges. So Relax.

As a natural optimist, I have learned that I am not fond of pessimists. I am allergic to negative people. The one thing I excel in is my ridiculously sickening work ethic. Due to yesterday’s bomb cyclone, I had no desire to do anything. I have such a Type A personality and a phobia of wasting time. Type A’s are perfectionists (not perfect), overachievers, and workaholics.


Over the years, one of the best lessons I’ve taught myself is how to master remaining calm. I am going to write a post with tips about self-care/relaxation soon.  The human mind creates problems that do not exist. So, you should teach yourself how to chill out and relax. Some of my friends tell me I should be a therapist. I am not sure how well I do in that field though.

The one thing I’ve learned about blogging/bloggers is that it is far from easy to do. People truly underestimate the time, dedication, and creativity you must put into every post. You know that Jersey Shore motto gym, tan, laundry? Well, since it’s a frigid New England winter my lifestyle will be work, study, and blog. What do you guys enjoy or dislike about blogging?


Within the next month or so, I am going to start vlogging. I was thinking of making videos that would be beneficial to others. There are already many other women who do makeup/ hair tutorials, so I want to try something a little different. Like how to be more confident/positive, how to kill any job/internship interview, becoming more organized/self-sufficient, self-care/how to dress yourself in a way that makes you feel amazing, and some reviews on products I use and are worth the cost.  And most importantly, some videos of my Mom and I doing things together. What do you guys think? Do you have any suggestions? I am all ears. Kidding, I’m mostly hair. Seriously though, let me know.

Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend and stay warm!