The Perfect Last Minute New Year’s Eve Dress

First and foremost, I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Stay safe and act responsibly (or don’t, it’s your life live as you please). I hope this year of your life is full of happiness, good health, and success.


I ordered a few things from Asos it is one of my favorite clothing websites. Who doesn’t love free shipping and free returns, am I right? I’ll never understand the girls who won’t tell you where they bought something. Why do we have to be secretive? I am that girl who likes to sparkle like a disco ball on New Year’s Eve. Not every girl wants to look like Kesha threw up glitter on you, but if you do here are some pretty dresses you can try this year or prep for next year.


I am short and petite, so it’s difficult for me to find clothing that properly fits my unique body type. I ordered these dresses a few days ago, but if you are still looking for something to wear use what you have in your closet. Match a neutral top with a skirt and add a statement necklace. Or if you are looking for a more casual look wear pants with a nice top and jacket. I listed the dresses for you from left to right and if interested you can click the links below.

 1)Starlet High Neck Mini Dress with Baroque Embellishment

2) Missguided Peace + Love Silver Choker Neck Embellished Dress

3)Starlet Embellished Mini Dress in Velvet with Corset detail


This one was the winner for me. I think it’s the perfect new year’s eve dress for the cold weather. You can easily pair it with a pair of leggings and a cute coat. The other two dresses were too boxy and baggy on my body. I will probably post a picture on Instagram (IG:sarishboo) later tonight. What do you guys think of this outfit choice? Yay or nay?


xox sarishboo