You Are Enough


*Today’s post is a guest post by Samary, a middle school counselor and non-profit entrepreneur who focuses on improving self-esteem and building confidence in women. You can check out her site here.

What can I say about these two?  I have always been an advocate for promoting confidence and positive self-esteem.  Like many young girls, teens, and women, I have also suffered from poor confidence and low self-esteem.  I am not sure where it all started it. It could have been the crazy upbringing with many disruptions and little consistency, or how media has been evolving and affecting kids younger and younger.  

As I grew older I found confidence but not in the right way, I looked for validation from others and neglected to validate myself.  I became a mother and instead of being proud of my newest addition and embracing what my body had created, I neglected it and put myself down. “ I am not a good mom.” “ I still look pregnant.” “ I cannot be attractive because I am not X lbs.”  You name it, I thought it.

 It was a rough couple of  years from when I had my first born to finding a place in myself and in my life where I felt confident (both inside and out) and was able to share that with others.  As the years went by and I began to learn how to love myself, be proud of who I was/am, and work on my own self-acceptance, I gradually started to feel more confident in myself, my body, and what I did (personal/business etc…).  So what helped?

 For me, it was realizing that I cannot waste my life, any more time, or energy in being in a negative space.  Once I committed to working on myself, I was able to have a clear picture of where I wanted to be and how I wanted to feel.  I journal-ed, I had long conversations with others who either had been through the same thing or had experience with it, I participated in things that I knew would make me feel good and that I could be potentially good at (this is not a requirement, maybe you are not good at singing but still love to sing, DO IT! It’s good for your mind, it’s good for your soul!) I created my own space that would bring me joy and happiness.  


As time went on, I have been able to find new things that inspire me, that continue to boost my confidence and make me feel good about myself.  I wanted to share with others what I have learned and was inspired by some of my students. I am a middle school counselor and started a nonprofit organization! Beauty is You, INC. (my non-profit) mission is to improve confidence and self-esteem while educating and empowering women. We all work hard to do this through our events, workshops and community engagement.  Myself and the organization want to help others in this journey of feeling good.  

This will forever be a journey, I will continue to work on myself, but now I know I have the tools that it takes to work myself “out of it”.

Thank you for reading my story and letting me share a little about myself!