Calm, Cold, & Cozy

With knowledge that it would be four degrees outside today, I trembled the thought of getting out of my bed this morning. My bed is comfortable, warm, and cozy place. I never toss or turn because it feels like I am sleeping in a cloud. I turn on my oil diffuser before I rest, so my room smells like peppermint. I sleep with a faux mink blanket imported from Pakistan with the heat is blazing in my apartment. I am one of those people who has layers of blankets and the heat on, but I always have one of my feet sticking out.

Photo by Dimitrie Stanescu on Unsplash

While my friends are away for the holidays, I dream of all the places I want to travel someday. I imagine myself in Chefchaouen the “blue pearl” of Morocco. I want to share mint tea with the locals and try the world’s greatest orange juice. I wake up, stretch, and open the Timeless app on my phone to begin my day meditating for 12 minutes. I look at my calendar, study, and then prep my meals for the day. I was too lazy to do it all this Sunday.

Photo by Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

After work, I have a dinner date with one of my favorite people. It’s that time of year where I would rather stay in than step outside. All I want to do is be cozy on my couch with a blanket, sipping on Ghirardelli dark hot chocolate, and studying to make my real dreams come true. There’s nothing better than sweater weather, right? I am sure 99% of New Englanders would disagree. Stay warm, comfortable, and inside.