The Pretty Grind

*Today’s guest post is by Stefanie, Founder of The Pretty Grind a brand consulting company and a personal Mommy blogger who focuses on female empowerment and entrepreneurship. You can check out her site here.

My name is Stefanie Mcdonald. I have a personal Mommy-blog at My Bump And Grind, and I also have a Brand Consulting Company called The Pretty Grind. Both of these brands focus on female empowerment and entrepreneurship. I started the blog because I wanted to hold myself accountable for the goals and visions I put out for the world to see. I knew that if I had people watching my moves, it would encourage me to see them through to completion. Once I started to grow my blog audience, I realized that it was time to create a separate website for people who only wanted to focus on building and growing their businesses. This is how The Pretty Grind was born.

The Pretty Grind is not only a brand, but it’s also a collaborative movement. I team up with women from all over the country and we help each other bring our goals to life. Although males are allowed to join the movement, I specifically focus on women because it is a known fact that women are viewed as inferior to men when it comes to business. I wanted to create a space where women could come together and support one another’s growth in entrepreneurship. The Pretty’s Grind’s Instagram page is full of empowering quotes that can be applied to business and life in general.

I’m very excited about where the brand is going. I recently announced the launch of my first book: Boss Up: From Hustle To Brand In 12 Months. This book will teach entrepreneurs how to turn their businesses into recognizable, trusted brands. If you follow the guidelines in the book you’re guaranteed to hit a new milestone each week of the year. The book is set to start shipping on December 26th, 2018, and it is currently available for purchase on The Pretty Grind website. I’m always available for consultations, advice, and/or plain ol’ conversation. Hope to hear from all of you soon.

Personal Instagram: @its.stefaniee

Business Instagram: @theprettygrind