Love Unconditionally

Cover Photo by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

*Today’s post is a guest post is from an anonymous source. Hope you enjoy.

Let’s love beyond ourselves more than we can. Let’s find that understanding beyond our own beliefs to be loved and to spread love. What else can we do so freely in this world?

As she wakes up, she starts her day off cold, un-wanting and with no plans of seeking love. She walks around heartless because of the cruel world that never brought her love or satisfaction.

She never understood the lies, pain and deceit that came with this world. So she walks, head down, gloomy appearance not noticing the sun and the lovely people around her. She doesn’t believe in love because what the world has told her. She needs love, but who will give it to her?

Somebody help! Somebody reach out and be the love for her that she needs. Someone cherish her smile, and complement her passions and mystique. No, today there is no love unconditionally on the menu for her.

She walks. She walks without love unconditionally today.