5 Ups & Downs of 2017

I’ll start with the “downs” and they will turn into “ups.”


  1. I left my job at the Department of Justice and great team.
  2.  I am not applying to law school this cycle.
  3. Someone stole things off my porch and tried to break into my apartment.
  4. I am staying in Boston for another year.
  5. The abs have yet to surface.
I finally took of my mask, so the world could see the true me.


  1. I have a new incredible job with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and my team is super duper techy. In a team of six people, I am the youngest and one of the only females. (There’s one other woman.)
  2. There is no one in the world who is more heartbroken about it than I am. It really is the only thing I want in life, but I refuse to put myself $200,000 in debt with an accruing interest rate of 4.7% over the course of 10 years. I know most people are willing to do that, but I am not most people. I spoke with my legal advisor and she thinks it’s a good decision too. I am applying for specific scholarships, so it’s best to do that early on in the cycle. I’ve spoken to many attorneys and the common regret among most of them was not taking off enough time before going back to school. I am such a lacker with studying for the LSAT. So for once in my life, I am actually going to study for this test and not give up. I have this bad habit of starting to study and then just putting my books aside.
  3. A probation officer contacted me and caught the person who was trying to break into my apartment. Who knows if that is actual person though.
  4. I actually do not mind staying in Boston a little longer, maybe there’s a reason this chapter of my life is not over yet. I know too many amazing people in this city to leave just yet. They are the primary reason it’s hard for me to move away.
  5. You’re girl loves bread, pasta, and rice too much.
Optimized-IMG_7536 (1)
It looks like Gal Gadot has competition for who the real Wonder Woman is.

Some say that those who attend or wish to attend law school want to change or “save” the world. Well, what’s wrong with getting a head start before I get there? Before I started this blog, my best friend Nicole was the only one person in my world who knew that my Mom had schizophrenia. Are you surprised to know that no one else in the world knew either?

Now that everyone knows, I couldn’t be happier with myself.  I am not sure why my happiness would bother anyone else.  This blog has taught me who my true friends are and I’ve always know who they were even before writing this out for you. The people who deleted me off of social media for whatever reason have never truly made a substantial difference in my life. This social experiment is my greatest accomplishment. It’s beyond rewarding to see how my story makes other people feel better about themselves too.

The collaborations are starting to form now. I have some great people who are going to feature themselves on my blog. I honestly cannot believe this is going so well. So, stay tuned the best is yet to come within the next week or so.

Time to focus on my life goals.


xox sarishboo