Quarter Life Crisis

Do you ever just have moments where you want to be one of those people who decides to backpack Europe or travel all of South Asia to find yourself? Or just enjoy life while you still can because you are young and have no serious obligations yet? I feel like everyone does.


I wish I had the courage to be that kind of person, but I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s a tradeoff to be the person who travels the world versus the person who wants to grow and truly develop in their career. I am sure someone in the world could prove me wrong though. I bet being an airplane stewardess, Instagram traveler, or even working in another big international city would be fun. And as much as I would enjoy it, I would get homesick. I am such a homebody. I can’t be away for more than a month or two at a time. Since winter is approaching, it reminds me of how much I miss the sunshine and my wanderlust is kicking in.


This summer I traveled to Madrid and Ibiza with two of my close friends and it was amazing. I wish we stayed longer because a week is just not enough time. If you haven’t been you must go at some point in your life! Eat the crepes, gelato, and the pastries as you walk the streets. In Ibiza go to the beach parties, sneak onto cabanas and at night in Madrid go to Kapital and make new friends who can get you into VIP!



Just talking about it makes me want to pack my bags and leave tomorrow. If only a) life were that simple b) and traveling weren’t so expensive. Although I enjoy being twenty-five it definitely has it’s ups and downs. People say your twenties are your selfish years. I agree. It’s also just a confusing time in life. People I know are getting married and having children and then I think well, what I am doing with my life? I am just not ready for that stage. I haven’t lived enough yet. When I have children, I will probably look like a little basketball walking around or like someone who belongs in 16 & Pregnant even though I am not 16.


Twenty-five is that age where you are an adult, you know better and are more responsible, yet you still have those moments where you want to be young & hip like a 21 year old college student. The difference is now you have to pay bills, work a 9-5 (+ hours), and have moments where you feel like you are aging at an exponential rate. Then you have days where you don’t want to leave your house because you would rather stay in comfy clothing, watching Stranger Things, and consuming far too many carbohydrates. It’s truly a paradox.