Physical, Mental, and Emotional Battle of the Sexes

Cover Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Note; I have to think of a better title for this one.

Mental health is one of the most undervalued concepts today. Your brain is the entire reason you function and taking care of it is essential. Everyone is  busy studying for exams, preparing and planning for this, or overworking themselves in and outside of the office. Your body and mind are intrinsically linked, when you take the time to improve your physical health, then you simultaneously mental and emotional well-being too. My Mom’s health is incredibly important to me, trying to convince her to get up, and walk is a challenge on it’s own. The goal is to get her to go for walks with me when I visit, hopefully before it starts snowing in New England.

The irony is, I am an access physical replica of my Mom when she was young. She was petite for most of her life and probably never weighed more than 110 lbs. Anyways, in regards to fitness, I love staying active because it is a nice way to relax, destress, and take care of your temple. I have no problem going to classes alone, but it’s nice having the company of friends with you too. I tried a cycling class yesterday with N and B, it was interesting to say the least. I have never cycled before, let’s just say I do far better on land. If it’s pilates, yoga, or HIIT, then I am in there like swimwear.

Did you know that exercising helps you grow new brain cells? The reason for this is because you are teaching your body something new. Genetically, I will always be skinny and it’s not a bad thing. Personally, I just want more meat on my bones and it is actually hard for me to gain weight. Stress effects everyone differently, some people gain wait from stresss others lose it from it. I have an incredibly fast metabolism because I eat clean and I walk around the city everyday.

In the world we live in, I cannot complain about being skinny because it is something society tells everyone they should strive to be and I think that is wrong. You should strive to be the best version of yourself. You should strive to be healthy. You should eat anything you want in moderation. Emotional health also plays a major role in mental wellness. Stereotypically, women are known for being “emotional”, whereas men cannot freely express all of their emotions because it is seen as a sign of weakness.That’s not right either.

What is weak about having emotions? Every human being knows what it feels like to be happy, sad, upset, or calm. I have seen many incredibly strong men express their most vulnerable and compassionate sides. Human beings truly lack self-compassion. It is essential to mentally speak to yourself in a gentle way, so you can actively clear your mind. I feel like a Guru at the end of a yoga class. Namaste in bed now, I need to rest up.  I recently started a new job, however I already dearly miss the Department of Justice. Once a Fed girl, always a fed girl?

Goodnight everyone! I will try to get new pictures and update this with other people’s stories soon, stay tuned because the journey never ends.

xox sarishboo