The World Thrives on Public Humiliation

Sadly, public humiliation is a concept that has existed throughout time. It is the dishonoring showcase of a person, usually an offender in a public. Instances of it have existed in most civilizations. For instance, in 1774 John Malcolm, the British customs agent was tarred and feathered after the Boston Tea Party.  In the 1780’s slaves were forced to walk barefoot due to the regulations in slave codes. Historically, there have been public floggings in Russia, Brazil and even foot whippings in Iran. In the 1860’s men and women underwent shameful exposure for adultery in Japan. How would you do define it now though?

Now that we live in a digital age, you do not need to walk outside to see it, rather you just wake up and find it on the Internet or television. Social media is now the sole source of information for many people in the world. “Did you see the video of the Grandma falling off that table on Youtube?” Do not get me wrong, I am not someone who is serious about everything. I love to laugh. It’s just hard to laugh about everything when you think about the terrible people in the world who have to ruin it for everyone else.

When are we going to get it together? How sad is it that children are more aware of the political turmoil, immigration policies, and foreign affairs in the world now more than ever before? What happened to innocence? I would never say our legal system is perfect. No legal system is or will ever be. I suppose it just makes you ponder.  Problems will always exist, people will continue to act up and doing crazy things.  Life is too short to be miserable.

If in this day and age, I feel like the definition for public humiliation has changed a bit. Now, for instance, in the case of this blog this a voluntary action. No one is telling me to do this. I have no problem embarrassing myself on the Internet. I am not ashamed of myself and you shouldn’t be either. I am proud to say I am a confident person and even if nothing comes from this it’s a nice vessel for me. Even though, I’m confident I still have my moments of self-doubt.                              

In the world we live in, it does not matter if you are doing well or not because people will still talk about you. And that’s what’s sad about the world, most people are just good at talking about other people. If you know you are a good person, then you should not stop being yourself for anyone else. “It’s only up from here, no downward spiral.” Name that tune?

Enjoy the long weekend everyone!

xox sarishboo


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