Has the NFL Always Been Political? Or Nah?

Honestly, I would never say I am some giant sports aficionado. I get the general gist of the game, you watch two teams compete while throwing a ball back and forth. Some play the game better than others. They are fun to watch, it’s nice to feel like you are part of a community. If I ever move out of Massachusetts, then I am just going to be a Masshole. I’ll pretend I am a die-hard Patriots, Celtics, Redsox, and Bruins fan just so I can feel like I am part of something greater than myself.

I love when people start throwing out technical terms because I have no idea what’s going on. I am at a loss. It’s another language. Props to all the ladies in the world who actually understand the hip lingo. I’m just like, “Sometimes, I bicycle kick, the confederation, corner flag, inswinger, kickoff, and man to man marking too.Woohoo.” I have no idea what I just said either. I just Googled football terms. This is how I pick up guys, I just pretend to like sports. I’m kidding, I don’t actually do that.

Anyways, I pay more attention to athletes contracts/ their agents because I’ve seen some of it in databases at work. Although it is not a requirement for agents to be lawyers, many of them are indeed lawyers, so that’s the sole reason I pay attention. You just recruit new clients and contract negotiations occur once every several years. It’s unfortunate that everything in the world has become political. Politics are the modern-day verision of the plague, once the bacterial infection hits you there’s no turning back. You can’t escape it. You’re already infected, I’m sorry for your swollen lymph nodes too. In all honesty, the NFL has always been political, people are just noticing it moreso now than ever before.