Welcome to my Super Blog

I must clarify because many people are jumping to outrageous conclusions. I do not actually think I am going to wake up tomorrow and be a billionaire. I am not the “greatest of all time, an inspiration, or perfect.”  I am not better than anyone. This is just a fun social experiment. I want my parents to have a better life because they deserve the best of everything in the world. You can do this too, I am not stopping anyone from doing anything. No one should be jealous, worried, or embarrassed for me because of this idea for any reason. My blog is literally worth about $8.00. I said it because I know people would read it and say, “OMG, this is so unrealistic. This could never happen. Sarish is delusional.” That’s how you grasp someone’s attention. I suppose what I am doing is unusual/not normal for a 25-year old female. What is normal anyways? I’m weird, I’m fine with it. The TechWorld strives on a young/progressive/innovative perspective. It’s interesting to see that, when I write “you,” people assume I am talking about them when in actuality there’s a 99.9% I’m not talking about you or how you live. Rather I’m talking about one particular person that comes to mind. The references to politicians, celebrities, and famous people are just to make this a fun read. Why is that outrageous, ridiculous, or unbelievable?

I am such an honest person, this truly is just a hobby for me to work on while I am in law school. I hope I get in, we will see! I revised the Chapters because I noticed it may have seemed rude, judgmental and conceited. Usually, I’m not either of those things. It’s hard to write your own autobiography and not have it sound that way. Everyone reads and interprets text differently, so even if I want to, I cannot control how you read or think. When a male reads it versus when a female reads it there is an entirely different perspective. Girls are going to think, ” This girl thinks she’s so perfect.” I never said that, you just created that thought yourself., This is just a fun venue for me. Why would that bother anyone?

Anyone could do this, I am not chosen one, I decided to do this for my Mom because she has one of the hardest mental illnesses to cure. I am not deranged or mentally ill, I am close to my neurologist. Thank you for your concern though.  This absolutely should not threaten or offend anyone. I work hard, I am not saying you do not. I finally think I am attractive that does not mean you are unattractive. I never said, “I think I am the prettiest girl in the world.” I would never say that either. I just want to see where this can go. If there is a chance something good can come from this then would you take the chance too? Honestly, would you? You can easily do this too. It does not take much to create a blog.

You can take part if you want to, I am not going to force anyone to do anything. I do not have some wild expectations that something spectacular or amazing will come from this anymore. It may have seemed that way earlier, however I know many people didn’t actually read all of the Chapters. People pick and choose what they want to read and that’s completely fine. I am just curious, dumb things go viral all the time. Why not try to see if we can making something meaningful and good go viral? Honestly, what’s wrong with that idea? Why is that a bad idea? Because I am “intentionally” trying to do it. Okay, I guess.

If it does not work, then it does not work. I am fine with it, at least I can say I tried, right? I suppose that makes me a failure. I would not be embarrassed. If it’s meant to be it meant to be and if it’s not, it’s not. I can live with myself. If you want to collaborate or anything, then please let me know. I love meeting new people. If you want a shout out or to talk about anything you are passionate about, then I am always open to new ideas. I would love to feature you. Just let me know, this has only been searchable on Google for almost three months, so maybe something good can come from this experience. Or it might not. Who knows.