Chapter 3: Boston Livin’ & the Fed Life


My immediate family and friends know that I never wanted to move to Boston. I easily get homesick and moving to a city was a serious adjustment. I had my car towed and ticketed with the first three days of moving here. The water in this city dries out my skin, scalp, and hair. It is not a cute look. I literally put coconut oil on everything. Girls always ask me what I do to get nice long thick hair. Genetically speaking Pakistani, Indian, and South Asian women have thick hair. I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week with more natural shampoos. The ones with hundreds of chemicals ruin the protein structure of your hair. What else did I learn?

Oh, yes, this is normal for everyone who lives ihere. When someone touches you with their sweaty body on the train. We are not that close. I like my personal space. Please do not rub up against me. I do not know you or want to know you in that way for that matter. I am a classy girl and I like to eat food. If you want to know me, then that is a better way to do it. If I eat a meal with you, then please do not assume I like you or want you. I enjoy eating food with company or alone. I eat with just about anyone. I hate the thought of leading anyone on.  If I liked you, then I would just tell you. I am not ten years old; I do not need to beat around the bush about these things. If someone does not like me, then I am fine with it. Not everyone will like me and I have come to terms with it.

My favorite escape act on the train is when everyone crowds the doors to jump on, when I physically cannot even get off the train. I love when someone approaches me, tells me to move over, and make room for them with their carts, bags, and baby carriages. I have the smallest carbon footprint on this mode of transportation. I think you should just put in me the carriage and have your child walk. I was not aware that I was such an inconvenience in your day. I am sure your life is hard; I am Stanley from the Office when I say, “We all have problems.”

I know you are stressed and have to juggle having children, while holding groceries, but please calm down. I am not the reason you cannot fit on this train. Someone will always have it worse than you will in this world. If you need me to hold your baby, then I will. You should feel lucky to have money, legs, and children. You would be surprised to learn how many people do not or cannot have those luxuries.

I am an incredibly lucky person. In terms of housing, I always look 4-5 months in advance. My Dad did not want me to move to this location. He advised to move to other areas of Boston. I told him, this spot was perfect. It still is. I live in a mailbox of the Mass Pike, let me know if you see me. In September, it will be my two-year anniversary of living and working here. I live in a location that is close, yet far away enough from the city for me. I am not sure how others approach job searches, but when I search, I apply to about 100 different ones. Like others, I find good job opportunities because I work hard for them. I never accept my first offer. Luckily, I got my job offer with the federal government in June; however, I did not start until late September. I moved in August. I am still surprised I got the job.

While waiting for my basic security clearance, my sisters advised me to find something in the meantime, so I found a job at Tripadvisor. My contract with that website company was only supposed to last until September, yet I got lucky again. I ended up doing well enough to work from home for them for about year, while working for Justice. R was my manager and only friend in the office. It was amazing, Stephen Kaufer I love your business.


Luckily, I found F my beautiful Muslim roommate on Craigslist. I live in a nice apartment thanks to her family. She was my first friend here. She gave me a bed, kitchen, and place to live. My friends and family are always welcome here. It is not too difficult to find parking. We have a washer and dryer in our home. I always have running water, electricity, and a place to sleep. She is my mother, another older sister, and one of my best friends. She always takes care of me and never babies me. We have formed an incredibly strong bond and I am glad she values my opinion. She has taught me how to be more confident and love myself.

I love that she rarely ever judges me; most people in my life have no problem doing that though. We talk about everything, we stay up at night looking up maps of the Middle East, rant about the idiotic things someone did that day to bother. During Ramadan, the Islamic holy month, we eat, love, and pray together. I attend Tarawih with her and her mom. My parents love knowing that I meet Muslims from other backgrounds. I have learned more about my religion from them.  I love seeing her family when they come over or invite me to a family gatherings.

Strangely enough, I have learned more about what it is to be an American too. The one thing I have grown to love about being an American is the individualism. The habit or principle of being independent and self-reliant is essential to being one of the fittest that survives. I love the independence. I love driving my car whenever I want, going to the grocery store or a shopping plaza without a male accompanying me, or wearing what I want when I want and not fearing judgment.  I do not tell anyone else how he or she should dress their body, so others should learn to do the same.

Many are surprised when I say I am an American. I am not sure why though. Am I supposed to have blonde hair and blue eyes or olive skin and green eyes? Native American? African-American? I love being American. I wave the red, white, and blue with pride. You should try not to judge a book by its cover. My first job out of a college has taught me more than I could have ever imagined were possible. I will tell you more if you wish to continue reading.

In the eyes of Justice, you see the world for what it truly is. You notice things you would never notice before. I have lived much of my life feeling like “Piggy,” from Lord of the Flies when he lost his glasses on the island. The government is my Simon and returned them to me. I see the world in a new light. It is frightening how much I notice, I am not even trying. Kindly do not interpret that as being excessively proud and boastful of one’s achievements. It is the truth.

I presume I am just more aware than others are now. I think working for the federal government would naturally change anyone’s perception. I have a higher sense of self-awareness the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. I am not the most self-aware person in the entire world. I am not fearless, invincible, or omniscient. I still have much to learn. I can easily be startled it just depends on the person. Honestly, you could talk to me about almost anything and I would find it interesting. I had the lowest security clearance in the office and only know public information. Anything I know, you could too. Check out the Freedom of Information Act, go to a courthouse, or read a book.

This position was a serious adjustment for me. In the business world, you start your job training for two weeks that is not how the government operates. The training I received was minimal and I had to learn a great deal by myself. Unintentionally, one of my male co-workers made me feel dumb, so I stopped asking questions. Bad decision, you should always ask questions. Unlike the corporate world, I have an incredibly small team, so if I messed something up I am easily traceable. I made some serious mistakes, however I have learned from them. I started my job with another college graduate. Sadly, he did not last even a year, I wish him well though.

If you do not do your job well, then the government does not waste a second to get rid of you. I can tell you that any governmental administration cannot and should not ever function like a business. They set the highest bar for ethical standards. I cannot say the same for most corporations today. We sue them for churning, racketeering, and embezzlement.  So, what do you think?


Within the first year of my job, I lost federal property when I shipped something to one of our neighboring offices. One of the mailing companies must have tossed the box and one of the hard drives I shipped went missing. I was a millimeter away from unemployment. I have never been more fearful of anything in all of my life. I have never been fired from any job or failed at something I was actually trying to be good at. There is a difference between not caring about your job and caring and not doing well at it. I do not know how to describe it. I am glad I overcame that hardship in my path.

The truth is my world was complicated; worn out from my life, burnt out from studying, and could not fathom the idea of doing another logic problem. I constantly drive five hours every other weekend to see my parents and my brother. Even though, there are people in their world who live ten minutes down the street who could easily visit them. However, if someone else is incredibly busy working full-time and finishing her second master’s degree, then you know I would drive hours for them.

I was completely over my life to a point where, I sincerely wanted to check out of the world forever. I wanted to turn off the lights and never wake up again. It is exhausting to be a living creature, yet some of us have harder lives. I am not saying that I have the hardest life in the entire world. I know I do not; I would never say I do. I felt like Rhonda Rousey when Amanda Nunes beat her in that boxing match. It felt like public humiliation even though only a number people knew about it. People in offices love to gossip, it is just unnecessary.

She felt that way because she had to admit defeat. If you fail at the one thing you want to be good at, then it is all that matters to you. Passion is any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. I would love to not get out of bed and look at all the terrible people in this world, but I still wake up everyday. I do not feel that way at all anymore. I am far beyond those feelings. I truly am such a happy person and it is not an act. I am stating this so anyone who feels this way knows they can overcome those feelings too. When you listen to the world, you lose yourself it in, so do not listen to everything anyone else has to say about you.

Empathy, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another is something most people lack. Some may say “it” is not a selfish act. I beg to differ. Death is one of the most selfish acts of all. When someone you love passes away, you miss the feelings of joy he or she provided to you. There is sadness behind every death and I hope everyone rests in peace. When you contemplate”it” many will think you are “seeking attention.” People say things like, “if you were serious about it you, then you would have already done it.” What is wrong with people? Why would anyone ever say something like that? Honestly, why? In the world we live in if you break your arm everyone comes running for you, but the moment you talk about depression everyone runs for the hills.

I didn’t even tell my friends how I felt because some say things like, “You think your life is so hard, you are perfect. What do you have to complain about?” You are correct, I am a perfect person. I have no problems, right? I am just looking for someone to pity me. You are not strange or weird for feeling that way; many human being feels that way at some point. It is more common than you think, whether you want to believe that or not. I am not writing this so people look at me like I have ten heads and need to see a therapist. I am an incredibly emotionally, mentally, and physically human being. I’m sharing my story to help others not feel so alone. Luckily, I have saved some friends from it too.

There are days when I would rather speak to strangers about my life than some of my friends because at least a stranger will give me their unbiased opinion. I only have about a handful of girlfriends I can talk to about everything and every one of my close male friends too; it truly is blessing. Promise me you will never do that to yourself. If I can still wake up happy with my chaotic life, then I think others should be able to do the same.

Unfortunately, my life is harder than the average twenty-five-year-old person. Maybe, it is not? I guess it depends on who takes the time to read this. I never would be able to do that to myself. I no longer feel that way, my revelation saved me. In actuality, I called and texted many of my friends when I was going through that rough patch, but they were too busy to answer the phone. Everyone is busy, so I am not upset about it. When you feel that way, you cannot always rely on anyone else to get you out of that hole; you have to rock-climb your way out. I have many people in my world who love me. I wish everyone had that kind of support.

My parents have had their world torn apart, and they still find a way to smile. Therefore, even when I want to pity myself, I remind myself that I cannot. My life has been one billion times easier than theirs’ have ever been and it always will be. Fortunately, if there were ever a time when I wanted to stop breathing, no one in my life would let that happen. Every doctor within a thousand mile radius would be at the door for me. Luckily, I live in a country with some of the best healthcare facilities and not everyone can say that either. #Blessed


That day felt like an instant replay of one of the worst days in all of history. It felt like I was watching two airplanes crash into the World Trade Center. Everything, I ever built for myself was crashing down. All you see is smoke, the flames, and you feel the heat raging to a point where you can barely breathe. My mind was full of smoke shades of black and gray. It was cloudier than anything you could imagine.

All those innocent lives lost on those flights and buildings, every day since I have lived in grief, a deep sorrow for the victims and their familise. Sometimes, I look back in time and feel like Oskar Schindler. When he decided, he wanted to save as many Jews as possible. Sometimes, I wish, I was born sooner. I could have helped them. I wish I could have been one of the heroic police officers or firefighters who saved some of those lives. I wish, I could turn back time and make everything right again. I do with every fiber of my being, but you cannot save everyone even if you want to do so. Sadly, it is not a possibility.

I feel that way, my family, and all my Muslims friends feel that way. That is not an act of kindness. We are just decent human beings with empathy. People on the Internet always say, “Where are all the Muslims to defend yourselves, and tell us you aren’t all terrorists?” Well, here I am baby! If you ever had the pleasure of meeting me, then you would realize that Muslims are not all bad people. My parents taught me to respect every race, religion, and human being. My siblings and I probably would not be who we are today without them. I digressed again, where was I?

One of my favorite things about this job is learning more about white-collar crimes. It is a guilty pleasure. I think corporate securities attorneys are amazing. I have no affiliation with the Central Intelligence Agency; however, I can tell you with certainty that when white-collar crimes takes place that intelligent person has being practicing that lie to oneself from the beginning. It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you how difficult it is to convict a corporate giant for committing heinous acts of greed, selfishness, and a mortgage back security crisis on the housing market.

Honestly, if JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup are at 30% price high on the market right now, then someone is probably doing something wrong, somewhere in one of those offices. I am only 25-year-old female though, what do I know though? It’s probably nothing. History always repeats itself though. The best time to invest in the stock market is right after the market crashes. I would never wish that upon anyone in this world. I wish I could stop people from ruining the world, but I don’t have that kind of power.

Honestly, I would take the few dollars I saved up and throw them into exchange-traded, index, or mutual funds. The people who make the greatest impact on the market are the ones that have the most money, so my small contribution wouldn’t matter anyways. When I do decide to build my stock portfolio, I will speak to a female financial planner. I would choose a female over a male not because I do not support men succeeding, more so because I know she is less likely to get clients. I strongly support seeing other women succeed.

If you have money in another country, it is best to leave it there. In terms of business and banking, laws there are many that prevent you from moving it. With currency exchange rates and additional fees, you end up losing half of it. Notoriously, white-collar criminals create Swiss bank accounts for good reason. The 1934 Swiss Banking Act shows there is little or no taxation when you transfer money. It is a brilliant idea to put your well-earned money in one of those accounts. However, I do not support any greedy person that “lies, cheats, and steals,” to make a profit. You are not the “Wolf of Wall Street,” you are just another criminal.

I am not sure why it it’s worth it to some individuals. I guess being notorious it a desirable quality to some people. We all make mistakes. It’s not hard to catch a ponzi scheme, it just takes time. The federal government will always find you. It doesn’t matter how sneaky you think you are. Federal attorneys may not make the $160,000 salary straight out of law school. They do not need to though. The diligent work done in a governmental agency is well worth it. The federal attorneys I know are remarkable people. It is an honor to work in this office.


I underwent a thorough federal investigation within the last two years. It is part of the job requirement, every employee goes through one. There were moments when I felt discriminated against; in all honesty, the agents were only doing their jobs. At least, I hope that is the case. I am beyond grateful for all of my friends who were interviewed by agents. I truly am and I just wanted your thank you to be publicly known. Hide your kids and hide your wife because when the Fed comes after you, you cannot hide. They are your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. They know everything about you. They interviewed me only to verify the information they already knew about me.

In some instances, I felt like Serena Van Der Woodsen when she tried to find her biological father. She constantly found a way to get the paparazzi’s’ attention to send him the message. However, personally I was not looking for anyone’s attention. The agents scared my roommate, friends, their parents, and yours too, if they came after you. Unexpectedly, they appear at the steps of your house, office, or workplace. Asking you questions about this and that. Ironically, every day since, my life has felt like I am in a movie and I’m the lead star in my life.

You can watch me all day, every day, until the day I die. I have never committed a crime and can guarantee you I never will. I get no satisfaction out of ruining anyone’s life. People like that die out quick or even worse, you become a criminal. Even then, I still have to see you. It is a win-win situation for me. Many think the worst of our government. I am not sure why?

Do you believe everything you hear on the news? Please realize that every government in the world, to some degree, censors what their citizens sees and hears. They try to protect the people. It is a democracy. If you ever want to know how insignificant your life is, you should travel to a country where no one speaks English. There is more to the world than North America. Six other continents play a viable role in the world’s social, political, and economic growth. Some countries play a greater role than others do.

Too many people are uninformed in this country. There are people who read a few “credible,” sources, listen to everything on the news, or firmly believe “Memes,” are reliable sources of information. I can post anything on the Internet. I could make 100 memes saying terrible things; make a fake Instagram account, and hide behind a pretty girl name like “Jessica,” or “Alexa.” Jessica Alba is the definition of beauty and brains. I admire her for her Honest Company and ethical consumerism.

Anyways, I can post anything on the Internet and there would be people who believe every word that I wrote. Bots are the worst. If you cannot see the good and bad in every human being, then your problem is you are not looking close enough. How are you going to learn anything if you never speak to anyone? Obviously, you do not need to do that, it was just a helpful suggestion.

There is good and bad in every field of work, person, place, and thing. In terms of the Department of Justice, I can tell you how much justice I see in my workplace. I cannot speak for every agency, office, or employee; however, I can speak for myself. When you walk in the building, the security officers many of whom were veterans greet you. We hire veterans over the average American, as it should be. If you want to grab a coffee or a snack, go the kiosk, and blind man will greet downstairs. “There was this blind man, right?” Someone must have created a partnership with the American Foundation for the Blind. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the new hire, but the old one was sweet. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love dogs and he had one. I need to get an office dog.

After you grab breakfast, maybe you take the elevator or you take the stairs? When you reach the two glasses doors, see the seal on the floor, and then you know you made it to the right place. First, you have to play a quick game of Sudoku and you still probably  would not be able to get in though. Then you take a right or was it left to go up the staircase, and maybe greeted by the support staff.

There is a high chance you will meet one of the kind custodians. When I started my job, no one would talk to me, and I was at a loss. I was disappointed knowing the building caretakers would not even respond to me when I said “Hi!” Some of them may have mental instabilities, yet who does not. Based on the things I see in the news, office, and hear from my friends; I seriously question every human being’s mental stability.


Each caretaker is an incredibly kind and considerate person. Anytime, I see someone mistreat or give one of them a dirty look, I vocalize my opinion. I am not sure what makes you a better person than anyone else in this world. What makes you so great? Everything is temporary; unless you believe in cremation, you will be buried in the ground. Custodians see the most disgusting side of people in the bathroom and outside of it. There will always be someone doing better than you in life do. The ideas of being “the best, perfect, most attractive, funniest, or smartest,” are each temporary evaluations of human life. You are only the best until something or someone better comes along. Legends never die though, so what makes you a legend?

Back to work, everyone asks me what I do and in “layman’s terms,” I watch criminals commit crimes. Sometimes, I watch footage; I listen to jail calls, and I look through a criminal’s cellular devices. I see the autopsies of victims of heinous hate crimes. I see the drug trafficking that happens in this state. I see nudes from people I do not even know. The things I have seen and heard in this lifetime are quite alarming. I wish I could forget a few things. I have seen the darkest side of humanity and it actually scares me.

I handled Big Data, I helped prep for trials, and made the exhibits. I cannot and I am not speaking on behalf of the government, I am speaking on behalf of myself. I will let you know there are some good people in the field. There is something enchanting about working for the greater good of the world. I have never met such honorable, just, and reputable advocates of equality. Everyone I know in this office is unbelievable; the attorneys, support staff, and the small tech team I work with are the best of the best.

I am ashamed of myself for even saying I was narrow-minded and only wanted to speak to Big Law attorneys or J.D’s from the T-14 law schools. I was dumb and caught up on and LST Reports. I have never had a desire to work for the government; however, it has been a life altering experience. After law school, I would love to do it again, but as always, I may try something new first. Maybe, I will open my own practice, clerk for a federal judge, or get a Big Law firm job. Who knows, time will tell.

You truly can learn something from everyone you meet. You strive to be more like those that you love and learn stop caring about those you strongly dislike. Too many people strive to “fake it till’ you make it,” I fake things until that is who I become. Some of the greatest lessons I have ever learned were from complete strangers, whether they were adults, children, and/or from Ted Talks, I love listening to other people speak. I am more inspired by the people in my life than I am by myself.

In regards to my investigation, regularly speaking with a private investigator never felt “strange.” It was just different. I asked him if he was reading my body language and facial reactions. You can learn a lot about a person based on how one carries oneself. He said he was not, however I know he was lying to me. I am not offended; a good liar knows how to do it well. I am not a psychologist, yet every good attorney has a firm grasp of psychology.

It is the scientific study of the human mind. Some media sources create headlines like; “Mental Instability Caused this Caucasian Male to act out of Character” or “Brock Turner Wanted his Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” If that is how you want to be remembered, then that’s fine. It is not my life. First off, I want every person who reads this to understand that, regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion, every single criminal suffers from mental, psychological, or emotional instability.  No legal system in the world is perfect. I was only naming headlines off the top of my head. There are criminals of every race. I do not think all white men are mentally unstable or rapists. Kindly do not make false accusations.

I want some of the Facebook “humanitarians,” and “civil rights activists,” to prove me wrong. Please name one criminal who is in logical or reasonable state of mind when he or she commits a crime. I just need one name. I truly hope you could not think of one person. It is sad to know that I am a 25-year old girl and I have a better understanding of the world than some individuals do. I do not want anyone to feel about him or herself. I want to you learn something new. Or you can say, “Sarish is annoying, and I am going to stop reading now.” That’s fine too. I am surprised you read this far into my lengthy autobiography.


People say, “I am sick of political correctness, I want someone who will speak their mind.”  Political correctness is a major concern; if it were not, then there would not be millions of Americans outraged about this election. If words did not matter, then I would not be able to type this or speak my mind. You would not be able to read what I am typing right now. Words do matter. Every word matters when you are a legal advocate.

There was a time in your life where you could not speak, however you learned how to vocalize yourself. Words may not matter to you because members of the media are not attacking your community, religion, or people. Every politician fashions false promises. It has nothing to do with political parties. There is social scientific evidence that shows that, if a political candidate spoke the whole truth and nothing but the truth, then the masses would not follow with such grace.

The commonality among all criminals is the idea that someone or something changed their life for the worse. It just takes one person to ruin your life and you decide to pursue a life of deceit. Some of them allow that anger, resentment, and hatred to build up for years. Others may take immediate action. Behind every crime lies the idea that fuels this planet. I am not talking about fossil fuels or natural gases; I am referencing the concepts of power, control, and selfishness. One that kills, terrorizes, or rapes does so to instill fear in others, take control, and show the world what one is capable of accomplishing.

In history, there have even been religious leaders that have scandalized in clergies. Targeting young Roman Catholic men for sexual favors, when they were seeking religious guidance. Tom McCarthy and the entire cast of “Spotlight,” did a remarkable job revealing that sad true story. It is not just in Christianity, it happens in every religion. I was just providing an example off the top of my head.

Kindly do not say Muslims are all killers, I have never bombed a city. My parents would not let my siblings and I kill an ant when we were children. My dad told me that, I do not have the right to take the life of another living thing. He even yells at me when I drive over his overly grown flowerbeds. He is a modern-day Farmer Brown; everyone who knows him loves him. He is the greatest of all time.

The most conservative Muslims usually side with Republicans. White privilege is not a concept created by minorities. The entire world sees “white skin,” as the ideal standard of beauty. Pakistani beauticians tell me how unattractive I am for being short with tan skin. “I’ve ruined my skin by playing outside in the sun.” I inherited the color of my skin from my Dad and I like it. If you do not like my tan skin, then that is perfectly fine. Do not look at mind. Go hide from the sun and bathe yourself in turmeric. I love being brown; it is the perfect medium between black and white.

Personally, I cannot think of a country in Asia that does not idealize the standard of white beauty or any continent for that matter. My mother naturally has beautiful fair olive skin. Girls all over the world change themselves to fit the standards of beauty. Women bleach their skin with highly hazardous chemicals. Some desi girls use natural ingredients like turmeric, yogurt, and rose petals to lighten their skin. I have nothing against these “tips and tricks.” I just think it is sad. It is sad that you let the world tell you what you should look like in order to feel attractive. Every skin color is beautiful.

Naturally, I am not always a fan of the desi girls I meet mainly because I know far too many nosy Pakistani and Indian people. I do like many of them though. I hate going to Pakistani parties to please my parents and give the semblance of a traditional girl who follows all the rules, so I stopped going altogether. Everyone knows I do what I want. I have almost everything I want in life because I never accepted the first offers my parents handed to me. I am selfish and like doing things my own way. If you cannot wait for me to change my shoes, then you can walk without me. If I tell you I am running late, then you do not need to wait up for me.

Although, I like my skin color, often times it gets me into trouble for no reason. The saddest part about it is that I live my life in interrogation. When I go to the airports, cross a border, or sit outside on a bench while eating a fruit salad some police officers play twenty-one questions with me. I do not mind. Do you think they asked “Sallie Mae,” if her roommate was involved in terrorism? Honestly, it is quite possible. I would hope those were randomized questions. Most of the time, it is other times I am not sure.

Due to my investigation, I had to miss my cousin’s wedding in Pakistan and fly off the radar for a while. It would be strange to say, “Sorry, I forgot I am going to Pakistan for a wedding.” Even though that is the truth. I am a legal citizen and here to stay. I am a moral, honest, and decent human being. I have never needed to lie, cheat, steal, or pry into anyone’s life to get what I want, so I do not understand why others feel the need to do so. We each cope with our own problems in a different manner. If that is how you choose to live, then so be it. It is none of my business. I literally just sit down in a restaurant, house, or mode of transportation, and people just tell me things.

My Uber driver once told me, she was a rape victim, and so as I type this, I want her to know I am doing this for her too. I do not understand why others need to do those things. Life is hard for everyone. I have tried to desensitize myself from the concepts of rape, child pornography, and sex trafficking. It is an ongoing process though. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I want to vomit. It is tear jerking knowing men, women, and children sell their bodies to make a profit. When others are drugged, taken advantage of without consent, and you see it with your eyes, then it changes your perception of the world.


Personally, I have never had an interest in doing drugs, and I hope I never venture in those avenues. I have nothing against anyone who wants to snort cocaine. If that is how you wish to live your life, then go ahead. Some say it has similar effects to adderall, helps you study, and party harder. I do not care to do it. Why does it bother others?

In a world where my life is valued at a fraction of the cost of a man, I find the wage inequality gap and glass ceiling as nothing but a minor stepping-stone. If I ever reach the top of that pyramid in life, I would smash the glass ceiling for every girl in the world. Although Hillary Clinton did not win the election, some may call her “crooked,” and “corrupt,” that your opinion. I personally have never met her. Maybe she is or maybe is not? I honestly do not know. I do not have all the supporting evidence to make these allegations. I have never met her or spoken to her in real life. I have nothing against her and her family. I have nothing against Donald Trump and his family either. I was never a die-hard fan of either candidate. I am not a fan of either political parties right now.

Anyways, she may not have won the election, however she has made an incredible impact on the world in the lives of many women and children. I would love to meet Monica Lewinsky too. Did you know she did a Ted Talk on what public humiliation and her mental health? I do not believe everything I see or read in a newspaper because most of the time I only see the bad news. You rarely see articles like, ” Young man saved a cat from a tree and helped a grandma cross the street.” No one wants to read that, everyone loves to gossip about something.

If I ever went “public,” then I promise you NASDAQ, the Dow Jones, and the S&P 500 will feel my reign. The entire stock market will feel my presence. I do not even need to step foot in the New York Stock Exchange to do it because you will find me in the Silicon Valley first. Or would you? I would speak with the creators of today’s social media and Internet applications. Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, Bill Gates of Google, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, Noah Glass, and Evan Williams of Twitter, Brian Chesky of Airbnb, and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn.

I wish I could have met Steve Jobs himself. I love watching documentaries about his friendship with Bill Gates. The one thing I admired about these two creators is the fact that they never backlashed each other.  It is okay though; Laurene Powell, Steve Wozniak, and Nolan Bushnell still exist. Maybe, I’ll start my own TechHub one day, I know exactly where the next one will be. Do you know where it will be?


Hypothetically, let’s say that Sarish became a big success story. If there is ever a day where I became some big tech giant, then I would be doing it for every single women in this world. The ones who told they are not good enough. I am doing this for you. Every girl from every race, religion, and ethnicity, I am fighting for you. All the innocent men, women, and children who live in countries with no means of survival. All the girls from high school, college, and the average walk in the park, who think I am “competing,” with you for the attention of men, I suppose I am doing this for too. Even when you give me dirty looks and basically look like you just sat on a cactus. I suppose, I will welcome you with my arms open, and take one for the team. The open arms thing was a figure of speech. I truly do not care to know why you do not like me. It is probably over something stupid. You should just be happy with yourself.

In regards to my job, I’m still surprised that I worked for the federal government at such a young age. Now, I love Boston and living here. The government rarely hires fresh college graduates, so I am fortunate. K, my first manager took a chance hiring someone with no litigation technology experience Initially, I stopped on the side of the road when she called me; I drove to the Best Buy parking lot and I did an impromptu interview. Sometimes, the universe truly does work in mysterious ways. Honestly, it has been one of the greatest life experiences. I loved my job. I would have stayed there forever, but we all move on to bigger and better things. And I am excited for the next chapter in life. The story continues.

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