How To Tutorial!

The videos are taking forever to convert at the moment, however they will be uploaded soon.  In the meantime, I will give you step by step directions.

On a computer screen/tablet it looks like a website and on a cellphone it looks more like a blog. Eventually, I want this to function like an E-Book with a video playing as the entire background, however I do not have time or want to spend $20k on developing that myself. I have to get back into studying for the LSAT’s,so you can or cannot spread the word for me!

Phone users:

  1. Menu in the right side bar, then click “Categories,” scroll bar Chapters

2) There are 5 Chapters you can read them or not read them. If you do not read the entire thing, then it won’t make sense to you. So you should try to read all of it or you read nothing.


Same steps, it looks better on a full screen. Menu in the right side bar, then click “Categories,” scroll bar, Chapters.

If you see any typos let me know, I am human. Obviously, I make mistakes. I already disabled right click, so you can screenshot things, however you cannot change my words/how I write.

That’s all ta-ta for now!