Dear Papa Bear

In regards to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, when he stated that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, is it the one most adaptable to change.” I believe he was right. My dad is a prime example of that theory. He works harder than any human being you have ever meet in your life. At times, my siblings may forget the wonderful things my parents have done, but I will never forget.

Without their taxes, you would not have received a beneficial financial aid package. I thank them for my life every day. He has always had five or six different jobs to provide for his family. It is not an upper class lifestyle when your salaries goes to hospital visits, medications, and rehabilitation centers. They live far below their means and spend their money on healthcare expenses.

When he worked third shift in our childhood, I would wait up all to sit and talk to him. Now, he does the same when he waits for me to come home. That is the irony of life. ” Sarish, when are you getting married? We have  proposals from X,Y, and Z.” You can catch me at the altar in maybe five years Dad. My siblings can take the lead on this one before I do. I am not ready for it. I going to law school.