“The True Sign of Intelligence is Not Knowledge, but Imagination” – Albert Einstein

During my childhood, my mom forced my siblings and me to attend summer school every year. Typically, students do so because he or she did not do well enough during the school year. So, I felt stupid. I never understood why I had to go to school while everyone else ran around outside. She wanted me to be a bionic bunny or something. I was learning how to read the Quran in Arabic, how to speak Urdu and English, and taught how to do long division in first-grade. In my childhood, I absolutely hated it because I only wanted to play outside and I still did. Now when I look at her, I am just in awe. What an amazing mom.

In the United States, test taking is one thing this country loves to do. I have not always been a good test-taker; however, I have learned how to take tests. When you tell yourself you are a slow-reader, bad person, or idiot for losing something. That is exactly how you are going to feel. It is like sending a text message to your brain. You are verbally abusing yourself and you do not even realize it. Instead, you should say, I am being an idiot right now. I am acting like a bad person. I need to read things slowly to help myself understand. There is nothing wrong with saying any of those things. If you speak to yourself in that way, you will feel better about yourself. I promise, you should try it and let me know how it goes for you.

Furthermore, I want everyone to acknowledge that those who are at the top of the class do not necessarily have a higher intelligence quotient. Your IQ is a measure of total score derived from several standardized tests designed to assess human intelligence. Any human being that has achieved fame and fortune is not necessarily book smart. He or she absolutely has a higher sense of emotional intelligence than you do. I strongly believe emotional intelligence is the most undervalued quality in the world. I promise you, those that are constantly at the top of the class spend the most time doing practice tests.

I have always been in the top of my class for this reason. Please do not assume you are less intelligent than those individuals are. You may just need more practice it does not create perfection rather it creates proficiency. It is a high degree of competence or skill. You can be skilled at anything. All you need to do is practice. Tests do not test your intelligence; they test how well you can take one. I have traveled to the moon and back for the Law School Admissions Council. Have no fear though; I am going to murder that exam! I would never murder a person; yet I always kill it in the paper game. Without paper, how would the world function? Did you know it was one of the four great inventions of ancient China?

My mom has been the greatest test I have ever faced; she is more powerful than any board of directors, standardized test, or fleet admiral. Leonardo DeVinci may have painted the Mona Lisa that painting is nothing compared to her. She is the most valuable piece of art in any gallery, museum, or street display. Although I do not look anything her, we share the same brain. I wish I could live inside her mind. She is a remarkable storyteller. During my childhood, she would go to the library and borrow books, now I do the same. She is an exceptional cook; she could give Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, and Alton Brown a run for their money. I am still working on my traditional cooking skills.

Pakistani people are just like your children. They have pets, play with toys, and watch movies. I have usually chosen to take care of my parents and brother over anything else. I graduated college with a few job offers, and I sacrificed higher salaries in other cities to stay close to them. I am willing to set myself back for them. After, I make this go viral; I am going to be the most selfish girl in the entire world. There is not a single soul who can tell me that I do not deserve it. I deserve everything this world has to offer me.