Brother from My Mother

My parents traveled to every hospital in Pakistan when my brother became ill. Not a single doctor could help him. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury or malformation that occurs while the brain is developing before, during, or after birth. It usually develops at the two years old. There is not a doctor in the world who has found a cure yet. Neurosurgery is an incredibly risky medical malpractice lawsuit. If I could give him my brain, then I would in a second or heartbeat.

In the 1980’s, my parents traveled in helicopters to almost every single children’s hospital on the east coast. From New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts in each major city. My mom has nightmares about hospitals. I am surprised her heart is not entirely broken knowing her son does not have close friends, marriage, or job in his future. My siblings and I grew up in mental institutions, rehabilitation centers, and disability centers. I know a great deal about them. Many facilities neglect my brother, and I want to know why? My parents send him to school, so he can feel like he is part of a community. What kind of community is that? Why does he come home with bumps and bruises on his arms? Who ruined his lunchbox and broke his wheelchair?

The average cost of a wheelchair is close to $2,000-2,500, you are depreciating the cost of his life. If you mistreat him or his things, then you will have to deal with me. My parents would not speak out against you, but I have no problem doing so. If you are neglecting him, there is a high chance others are too. I could shut down your facility and have every single person in that building left jobless. You are lucky, I have a heart, and I want to learn more before I judge you. The bus drivers who pick him up and drop him off every day are genuinely admirable people. My parents are incredibly grateful for the services and opportunities that are available in the state of Massachusetts. It is still a flawed system though.

Foreign parents are optimistic and hold the highest hopes for their children. I could cure heart disease and my parents would ask me why I have not cured cancer, chronic lower respiratory, and diabetes. I cannot change the world alone. I do not know a single person who could do such a thing. However, I do know many people who can help. Some of my best friends are in medical, dental, pharmacy, law, masters, and doctoral programs. I love having friends who want to change the world with me. We do everything together. We teach each other how to be better. We parent each other. My friends are the greatest of all time most of the time.

I am my own worst critic. No one is as hard on me, as I am on myself. I have slowly, but surely mended many loose ties in this sweater of life. I do not want to wait until the day I die to apologize for the wrong that I have done. I have no problem admitting when I am make a mistake. I am a human being; I am not immortal, flawless, or invincible.

Therefore, if you are waiting for an apology from me, then here is my public apology to the entire world. I am sincerely sorry if I have ever offended anyone for anything. That is not my intent. I do not live with the intention of hurting anyone’s feelings. It is part of life. People hurt my feeling all the time, I get over it, and you can too.

Bob Marley once said, “The truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.” I do not necessarily support a lifestyle of smoking weed all day, but I can agree with him. The people I will suffer for are my immediate family and close friends. I am the first person to make anyone in the room feel good about themselves. I sincerely do not care if you think I am nice, genuine, or fake person. I am a kind person because my parents raised me to be this way. Every human being should feel proud of his or herself. I did not do anything to deserve the life I was given. Did you? What did you do to deserve your life? Did you go to Burger King and tell them you wanted to have it your way?

Last, I knew, no one had a choice in the matter. I was born into a family where everyone in my world supports me. Millions of people in this world who do not have a single-family member or friend. So, when I walk outside I talk to almost every person I see. I do not care if you are homeless or drive a Tesla or if you are homeless and live in your Telsa. I am an Elon Musk admirer, I hope you read this and love it.

I wish everyone could live inside my head for a day. It is the most beautiful place in this universe. Imagine this, you can feel the sand between your toes, hear the waves ripe back, and forth, and see people spending time with their loved ones. There is a giant bonfire. Where am I? Anytime, I am sad there is an imaginary cloud of rain that showers for only a moment and then the sun shines again.

One minute you are in the rice paddy fields of Bali, and then you are riding an elephant in Mea Chame. Anytime, I feel blue I think of Chefchaouen or Santorini, and how I would feel walking in those streets, spending time with the locals, and learning more about their lives. When I feel alive, I imagine myself running through Swat, the Switzerland of Pakistan, or skydiving over the Palm Islands. I only waste my energy on those that want to make the world a better place.