Muslim Girl Daddy Issues


I have the highest standard for men in my life because of my father. I know, everyone in the world thinks they have the “best dad in the world,” and I am sure you do, but I know you just haven’t meet mine. I wish I could share him with all of those in this world who didn’t have reliable role models. After my brother was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, my parents planned to have another child, and they were hoping for a son. Surprisingly, a baby girl was born instead instead. Now, they are stuck with me.

You always see those funny memes on Instagram that say” Get a girl who can do both,” well I have always been the girl who does both. That’s actually who I have been my entire life.He truly raised me to be another son. I’ve learned more from my Dad about history, home improvement, investments, businesses, real estate, and development than I ever did in any classroom. I am not sure why people from my culture and religion judge me for hanging out with men late at night. I’ve been playing flashlight tag, having sleep overs, and picnicking with boys in my neighborhood since I was a child. My siblings were with me everyday too.

One of my close childhood girlfriends and I used to watch Power Puff girls, play with Barbies, and hold lemonade stands in the summer. Everyone in our neighborhood would pretend they were in Rocket Power, I was definitely the Reggie of the bunch. No one needs to worry about my celibacy and sobriety. I can promise you I am celibate and sober as I write this. I know what I do with my body. I am not someone who needs to engage in premarital sex to have a good time. I am not going to judge any man or woman who does. It is considered a sin in my religion too, so I am not sure why other Muslims, Christians, and Jews constantly judge everyone else for it? Just because it’s not the way you choose to live your life, does not mean that he or she is living the wrong way. There are many ways to do multiple things.

I am making this reference for all the judgmental Muslims who look at me and talk about me to their parents. If I walk into a bar with Americans because my friends enjoy getting summer cocktails, then you do not need to worry about how I look. I know how I look. I know what is in my cup when I hang out with my friends. You shouldn’t assume things you see in pictures on the Internet or whatever random stories you hear from people who have nothing better to do than judge everyone around them. I drink juice, I drink water, I drink tea, and a variety of other beverages. What beverages do you enjoy most?

If I walk into a package store to buy a bottle of wine, then I can promise you it is not for me. I do not drink wine, but many of my girlfriends love it. There is nothing wrong with it. I am not “promoting” alcoholism. Red wine fights obesity, weight gain, and helps keep your heart healthy. Drinking is an entirely different culture in every country. Some Americans like to get blackout drunk every weekend. Many Europeans drink a glass of alcohol, here and there with their meals to relax. It is all about personal preference. If you do not wish to live your life in that manner, then don’t. If that’s what makes you happy, then do it! It’s that simple.